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COS Local News & Events | Issue #24-062 3/2/24

COS Town Tidings Issue #24-062

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🌸 Lotus Foundation Blooms Hope for Human Trafficking Survivors

Lotus Foundation

A new nonprofit is blossoming in Colorado Springs, bringing hope to survivors of human trafficking. Lotus Foundation opened in 2023 with a mission to provide confidential victim advocacy and case management to those recovering from sex and labor trafficking.

Founded by two passionate advocates, Lotus Foundation envisions a community where every survivor has access to the resources they need to heal, no matter how big or small. Their ultimate goal is to see each person living a safe, healthy, and independent life.

They welcome survivors of all backgrounds and promise to hear, believe, and support them. Their trained confidential advocates uphold strict privacy, except in cases of child abuse/neglect.

Though just starting out, their hope is to expand by adding housing programs. They seek partners to collaborate on ending trafficking locally.

To achieve their goals, they need community support and contributions. You can help by donating and contacting them for volunteer needs they may not have listed on their website yet.

This nonprofit believes it takes a village to solve this crisis. Their inclusive, compassionate approach plants the seeds of hope in survivors. With our community's support, they can grow into a flowering sanctuary for many more people seeking to break free.

Contact Lotus Foundation at 719-243-0759, email at [email protected] or visit their website to learn more about their critical work empowering survivors. New location added at 5333 N. Union Blvd. Please call before you visit to drop off donations or talk to an advocate, so they can make sure there is someone available to greet you!

Co-founders of Lotus Foundation

Colorado Springs Town Tidings is proud to feature the Lotus Foundation, a shining example of hope and transformation within our community, as they tirelessly work to empower survivors of human trafficking on their journey to healing and independence.


⌛️ Timely Acts - Time sensitive opportunities

🤝 Helping Hands - Volunteer Opportunities

Explore rewarding volunteer options and be part of something meaningful. Together, we can make an impact!

  1. Care and Share Food Bank: Care and Share Food Bank provides food assistance to individuals and families in need. You can contact them at 719-528-1247 or visit their website at careandshare.org 

  2. Catholic Charities of Central Colorado: Catholic Charities offers a variety of services to help individuals and families in need. You can contact them at 719-866-6286 or visit their website at ccharitiescc.org

  3. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offers volunteer opportunities for animal lovers. You can find more information on their website at cmzoo.org

  4. Friends of El Paso County Nature Centers: Nonprofit whose mission is to support Bear Creek and Fountain Creek Nature Centers. Active volunteers complete orientation and role-specific training. Volunteers are invited to participate in continuing education and social events throughout the year. CommunityServices.ElPasoCo.com

  5. Crossfire Ministries: Crossfire Ministries is a non-profit organization that provides support and resources to individuals and families in need. You can contact them at 719-447-1806, ext. 102 or visit their website at crossfireministries.org

  6. The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Colorado Springs: This organization provides support and resources for individuals and families affected by depression and bipolar disorder. You can contact them at 719-477-1515 or visit their website at DBSAColoradoSprings.org

  7. Pikes Peak United Way: Pikes Peak United Way works to improve the lives of individuals and families in the community. You can contact them at 719-632-1543 or visit ppunitedway.org

  8. Pikes Peak Library District: The Pikes Peak Library District offers volunteer opportunities to help with various library programs and services. You can find more information on their website at ppld.org/volunteer

  9. Springs Rescue Mission: Springs Rescue Mission provides support and resources for homeless in the Colorado Springs area. You can contact them at 719-632-1822 or visit their website at SpringsRescueMission.org

  10. We Fortify’s Working Fusion At Mill Street: exists to pivot young adults out of poverty into a state of economic and emotional stability and social connectedness. This village and program is a first-of-its-kind housing initiative in Colorado Springs dedicated to breaking the cycle of generational poverty and homelessness. WorkingFusion.com


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